Hello beautiful, welcome to my site..


I am a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, YouTube Creator and & Photographer currently living in sunny Queensland Australia.


It's my honour to have travelled and trained people from all over the world throughout my career, as well as reaching thousands more via my online platforms. My passion for wellness is a deeply personal one, and I have experienced first hand just how life can change when we start to give a little more love to ourselves. This is why I do what I do. And this is what I have dedicated myself to showing others. 


Here you'll find all of the things that I pour my heart and soul into.

It is my mission is to enrich and empower as many peoples lives as I can with health and wellness from all over the world. Whilst following my passion, I have created my IGNITE BODY REVOLUTION online training programs, Banging' Booty Bandz, my YouTube channel and Blog. So feel free to take a look around, and I hope to connect with you soon!

Big love! 

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From local classes to corporate events, my sessions are built on fun, laughter and a healthy amount of challenge. 

Here on my site you will find my 4 & 12 Week Training Guides, as well as my Guide to 'Booty Bands'.

You will also find a few of my FREE YouTube videos, so make you subscribe for all of my latest Yoga Flows and workouts.



Due to current World Events, we will be pausing retreats for 2020. 

Our next available trip will be Bali September 10th-16th 2021

A full week of daily Yoga, Training, Meditation, Wholesome food, workshops, beachfront relaxing, massages and more.



My passion is capturing people and businesses who are living or sharing their Dharma (purpose). 

Organic, Natural & Emotive.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, I offer direction, concept creation and post production to bring your dream to life.