There are a few simple steps that i follow whenever I am creating a salad to ensure that it is a well balanced and nutritious meal. It is important to think about shopping for foods that are in season and always go organic where you can.

  1. CHOOSE YOUR BASE - A great, nutritious base to any salad is quinoa. You may also want to use noodles or rice..

  2. ADD YOUR GREENS - Wether it's spinach, mixed leaves, kale or rocket, the more green the better!

  3. PACK IN YOUR NUTRIENTS - This is where you add your colourful ingredients such as tomato, beetroot, cucumber, carrot, capsicum or roast vegetables etc. Get creative!

  4. CHOOSE YOUR PROTEIN - Chickpeas are an all time favourite in salads for me. But you may prefer beans, tofu, Tempe, lentils etc. You can see a full list of Vegan protein sources HERE

  5. ADD YOUR FATS - To aid in digestion, function and fill you up, add your choice of nuts, seeds, avocado etc.

  6. ANY FANCY EXTRAS - I love finishing a salad with nutritional yeast and hemp seeds! On occasion i'll also add a serving of Vegan Cheese.