Whilst there is never any substitute for hard work, i was recently inspired to put together a few of the key points that I humbley believe will help any aspiring Personal Trainers out there to make a great impact on the fitness industry. Being a trainer is one of the most rewarding and incredible jobs in the world, and with the continual growth in the awareness of the benefits of health and fitness, I also believe the more of us out there the merrier! There is room for everyone in this industry, we can ALL thrive..

1. Your learning is NEVER finished...

As a Personal Trainer you are going to come across a huge range of people. Even if you only ever train 10 people in your career, those people will have 10 COMPLETELY different sets of needs, goals, backgrounds and mindsets. My first and most valuable piece of advice to you is to attend as many classes, workshops, events and further learning courses as possible. As a trainer, knowledge is power and confidence. Your clients are investing in you as they believe that you have the skills to help them get to where they want to be. In order to keep your clients for the long term and get them the best results, you will need to keep challenging them and keeping it interesting. In my opinion and experience, the BEST way to do this is by continually seeking to learn yourself. I also LOVE being trained by and jumping into classes with other trainers. There is so much to learn! And it is so valuable to pick up tips and tricks from other trainers whom you respect. Never rest on what you know..

2. Get YOURSELF and your BRANDING together...

So you've just finished your PT course, you've never ACTUALLY trained anyone, and now your faced with the daunting task of finding clients. You obviously won't have any incredible before and after photos to show off to anyone, so these days the only way people are going to really learn more about you is from how you physically present or off your website, social media platforms or other marketing products i.e. flyers etc. 

In your course you will have been told the importance of being tidy and presentable to clients. I believe in this 100%. No matter how early a session is, I have ALWAYS ensured that I am dressed, groomed and prepared for my clients. This shows them that you respect them and certainly elevates the aesthetic professionalism of your business. If you are approaching people with flyers, ensure that you are looking the part as someone who people would WANT to turn to for advice on their health.

Building a website these days is SO EASY! I have saved 10's of thousands of dollars over the years by investing my time into teaching myself how to build a website (I use WIX). Creating a strong logo for your business will go a long way in helping you stand out from the crowd. If you ensure that your business comes across professional and organised, I believe that you will take pride in what you have created and carry that through to your training sessions. If you are someone who wants to post pictures partying etc, I suggest starting separate accounts for your business to keep them looking professional for new or potential clients. You yourself and your online presence are like your 'store front' to your business in a way. Keep it right and keep it tight!

3. Find your people...

I began training people in Cronulla - Sydney. A place where there are ALOT of great trainers and bootcamps running. I believe my early success amounts back to the fact that I didn't try to train EVERYONE, instead I first focused on training people like me. In my own circumstance, that was young active Women mostly in their late teens to late 20's. To start with, I knew how they would want to train and I knew they would all have similar goals. This allowed me to get my confidence up with my coaching techniques as well as helped me to develop my 'People Skills' before I branched out into other aspects of fitness. Not long after I started to take on a large range of different clients, but I think, in my personal journey, breaking into the industry in this manner really helped me to find my feet and hit the ground running.

4. Don't see your clients as a dollar signs..

The minute you start seeing your clients as a number or a dollar sign is probably when you need to get out. You can make good money in this industry, but I don't believe that it is the type of industry you should be in 'for the money'. When I look around at the most 'successful' people whom I look up to, they are the people who are PASSIONATE and GENUINE about helping people and making a change. As a trainer you can make a HUGE impact on peoples lives and you need to be giving the people who are investing in you all of the good energy and effort that they deserve. 


I'm sure almost every trainer will agree that every now and then the late nights, early mornings and endless giving of yourself physically and emotionally can become overwhelming at times. But honestly, if you are entering this industry for the RIGHT REASONS which is to genuinely help people's health and strengthen ALL areas of their lives, then it will all be worth it. The satisfaction in this job in my opinion is unparalleled. Seeing someone's smile and confidence when they reach their goal or their self belief grow as they finish workouts they'd just sworn to you they couldn't do is one of the best feelings ever. In those harder times, remember why you started, keep pushing forward and keep trying to be the best trainer that you can be. If you do this, then you will have a long and fulfilling career and be making an incredible impact on this world every single day..