Worlds EASIEST Pumpkin Soup

Hello friends! It's heading into Winter in Australia, and even up here in Queensland its starting to get a bit chilly! I bought a pumpkin from the markets a week ago and still hadn't used him. So, this lazy Sunday felt like the perfect time to bring him out and make an easy peasy Pumpkin soup. I totally free-styled this one with the limited ingredients I had available #toolazytogototheshops but was soooooo happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy!

Ingredients -

  • 1 x large Butternut Pumpkin

  • 1 x Red Onion

  • 10 x garlic cloves (the more the merrier)

  • Cooking Salt

  • Ground Pepper

  • Paprika

  • Cayan Pepper

  • Splash of coconut milk

Method -

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees celcius

  2. Peel and dice the pumpkin into medium chunks. Peel and quarter your onion.

  3. Place pumpkin, onion and garlic cloves onto a tray and bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until soft. (I don't use oil)

  4. Once cooked, use a food processor to blend the pumpkin garlic and onion.

  5. Once smooth add a dash of coconut milk (around 1/4 cup), then slowly add in the salt, pepper, cayan pepper and paprika to your preference. (Personally i added much more paprika than cayan pepper).

  6. You're done!

Suggestions -

I like to make super easy croutons just by toasting some bread and then cutting it into cubes. Otherwise feel free to garnish with corriander or some toasted pine nuts would be a yummy option too!