This program is perfect for those who are looking to kickstart their fitness journey or simply change up their routine for a few weeks. This program includes 3 x HIIT style workouts per week aswell a bonus cardio sessions. You will require a light set of dumbbells and a bench or chair. The program is designed to be repeated, so essentially you will gain 2 months of training for just $3.75/week


What's included - 

  • 3 x 27 minute workouts each week
  • Video Demonstrations of all exercises
  • Workouts for ALL levels
  • BONUS Yoga sessions
  • 3 x BONUS cardio workouts each week
  • Access to the exclusive 'Ignite Forum' 
  • Easy to follow format
  • The 'Ignite' 27 Day Rule Book
  • Strength, confidence and sweat guaranteed


What you need - 

  • Some workouts will require a set of Dumbells. We reccomend a set between 2-6kg each depending on your experience and ability.
  • Some workouts will require the use of a stable chair, bench or step.


Will I be able to do it?

YES! Ignite it designed for EVERYBODY to suceed and achieve. Wether you are a beginner or advanced, you will get a great workout..


Note - It is advised to check with your medical practitioner before you embark on any new exercse regime.


4 Week Training Program

$29.99 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Note - You will be taken through the Paypal system but DO NOT need a Paypal account to purchase. Keep following until you are given the option to 'Pay with Card'.


    Important - 

    • Ignite will be sent to your designated inbox instantly as a PDF file.
    • The download link will remain valid for 30 days. Be sure to save your copy before it expires.
    • It is reccomended to download it to ibooks as soon as you open the link
    • You will find your link to the 'Ignite Forum' inside of your document.
    • Please check your SPAM folder before emailing about delivery issues.